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For 125 years, Ungerer remains a family company. Now in it's fifth generation, we stay true to our founding principles; the Ungerer name synonymous with quality and responsiveness.

A lifelong devotion to the art of essential oils and their flavor and fragrance formulations ties us together at Ungerer; a devotion distilled at birth and nurtured over the years.

Ungerer's values and vision have remained steadfast, passed down and honored from one generation to the next. Our foundation was built on creativity and exploration. Combining this with our passion for innovation, technology and exceptional service, enables us to embrace, support and drive the success of your business today and into the future.

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Vision & Values

We Inspire the Senses & Create Emotion

One hundred and twenty-five years after its inception, Ungerer remains a family-owned business. True to our founding principals, leadership has passed from one generation to the next. More than a family name ties these generations together. Rather, it has been a lifelong devotion to the art, science and emotion of essential oils and their flavor and fragrance formulations. This devotion was instilled at birth and nurtured over the years.  The common bond among generations of the Ungerer family has also distinguished each family member with the company growing and evolving under the unique and personal touches of each president. Ungerer remains dedicated to the principals of its founders: creativity, quick response, strict quality assurance and sensitivity to the needs of each client.

Our values are embodied in our leadership and teams around the world:  Fulfilling, Faithful, Inspiring, Refined, Striving, Committed, Curious, Capable

Quality & Service

Ungerer is committed to providing the highest quality products and services to our customers in a safe, timely and cost effective manner. Every step in the process from development through delivery begins with ensuring that the safety and quality of our products remain uncompromised. We are a full service company that prides itself on partnering with clients to ensure individual needs are met, from conception to completion and beyond. The firm continuously improves service and makes resources available to provide the support our customers require, anywhere, any time.

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Regulatory Information

Ungerer understands the Regulatory environment is constantly changing. We stay current with, or ahead of, these changes by utilizing our global network of companies, our memberships and participation in industry associations and our in-house databases. This allows us to provide our customers the most up-to-date information possible and ensure our products are in compliance with relevant global statutes and regulations. Our team is highly skilled in regulatory affairs, health and safety regulations and environmental policies, and have the market intelligence and knowledge to provide you the advice and support to develop products that comply with relevant standards.


Ungerer is committed to manufacturing and sourcing our products in an environmentally conscious and sustainable fashion. We strive to ensure that we have a positive impact on the people and environments of the communities where we operate. Our core values have expanded to include an emphasis on critical initiatives like sustainability, social responsibility, and reducing environmental impact. Capital investments in technology, regulatory compliance, and manufacturing/distribution have been essential in our commitment to the principles of sustainability in all facets of our operations. We actively look for new opportunities to further reduce our environmental impact, give back to the communities in which we operate, and to grow our social responsibility efforts for current and future generations.

Responsible Sourcing

In sourcing ingredients, we touch local communities & environments in countries all over the world, helping to uphold the skills and livelihoods of local farmers. For 125 years, we’ve built fair, long-term ventures & partnerships with key agricultural producers on the ground to source natural & fair-trade materials. We embrace a code of ethics that helps us positively impact people and the planet, as well as our business.

Social Responsibility

Since our founding, Ungerer has held the belief that we have a responsibility & accountability to the communities where we operate. As an employer, manufacturer, and supplier, it is our duty to have a positive impact on both the local & global societies we touch every day. We stress the importance of responsible corporate behavior and contribute to the protection, development, and betterment of our communities through a variety of programs & corporate giveback initiatives.

Environmental Commitment

From solar power & air scrubbers in our manufacturing plants to pesticide reduction programs with our growers, Ungerer is committed to the principles of sustainability in all facets of our operations. Company-wide initiatives aim to reduce the short and long-term environmental impact of our businesses in all of our locations. We strive to operate sustainable and eco-friendly operations by reducing raw material usage, maximizing yields, and recycling to reduce our waste stream.


Why Join Ungerer

With a presence in over 60 countries, and 125 years of history, Ungerer is a company with rich heritage and an exciting future. When you join Ungerer, whether it be in our fragrance, flavor or ingredient division, you are impacting millions of consumers worldwide as they experience new tastes and scents as well as continue to enjoy our enduring creations from years past. Join us as we set out to inspire the senses & create emotion.

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