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Whether the application is ice cream, yogurt, cheese, milk, cream, frozen novelties or butter, Ungerer has a flavor for every dairy occasion. The dairy industry is gaining attention lately due to the “good for you” properties inherent in dairy products. Other ingredients such as probiotics and omega 3’s, which provide health benefits, find a natural home in mediums such as yogurt, milk, spreads and other dairy applications.

Ungerer has enhancers, extenders and maskers that allow for easy, seamless inclusion of these ingredients in dairy applications. With diacetyl making headlines lately with its possible causal relationship to a lung condition called bronchiolitis obliterans or popcorn lung, Ungerer & Company has developed diacetyl-free butter, cream and milk flavors as a solution to this situation. Our diacetyl-free flavors have a rich, creamy, smooth flavor and aroma that are user friendly, heat stable and have the same usage level as diacetyl containing flavors.


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  • Ungerer Facts
    While the company officially began in 1893, its birth was actually much earlier. William P. Ungerer, having spent over twenty years training as a perfumer in France, planted the seed from which Ungerer & Company would flourish.
  • Fragrance & Flavor Facts
    There is a difference between an essential oil and a fragrance. An essential oil is derived from a botanical (fruit, leaf, root, stem, and/or flower) via cold press process or steam distillation. Pure grade essential oils are 100% natural.