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Aroma Chemicals

Today Ungerer & Company produces 87 synthetic and natural aroma chemicals. These products are produced in our state of the art manufacturing facility located in Puebla, Mexico and then warehoused in Mexico, Bethlehem PA, Chicago IL, Chester England, Australia and Indonesia.

Whether you are looking for materials currently in production or a project for our process development team, we welcome your inquires.

If you are interested in an aroma chemical sample, use the worldwide locations map (see right hand column) to contact an Ungerer representative in your area. Below is a partial list of the products we offer in this category.

  • Allyl Caproate (Allyl Hexanoate)
  • Allyl Heptoate ( Allyl Heptanoate)
  • Benzaldehyde Glycerl Acetal
  • Benzaldehyde Natural
  • Benzyl Butyrate
  • Benzyl Formate
  • Benzyl Iso Butyrate
  • Benzyl Propionate
  • Butyl Benzoate
  • Butyl Butyrate
  • Butyl Butyryl Lactate
  • Cyclo Hexyl Acetate
  • Ethyl 2 Methyl Butyrate
  • Ethyl Butyrate
  • Ethyl Caprate (Ethyl Decanoate)
  • Ethyl Caproate (Ethyl Hexanoate)
  • Ethyl Caprylate (Ethyl Octanoate)
  • Ethyl Formate
  • Ethyl Heptoate (Ethyl Heptanoate)
  • Ethyl Iso Butyrate
  • Ethyl Iso Valerate
  • Ethyl Laurate
  • Ethyl Methyl Phenyl Glycidate
  • Ethyl Oxyhydrate (Rum Ether)
  • Ethyl Pelargonate (Ethyl Nonanoate)
  • Ethyl Propionate
  • Ethyl Valerate
  • Gamma Decalactone
  • Gamma Nonalactone ( Aldehyde C-18)
  • Gamma Undecalactone ( Aldehyde C-14)
  • Hexyl 2 Methyl Butyrate
  • Hexyl Acetate
  • Hexyl Butyrate
  • Hexyl Caproate ( Hexyl Hexanoate)
  • Hexyl Iso Butyrate
  • Iso Amyl Acetate 35%
  • Iso Amyl Acetate 65%
  • Iso Amyl Acetate 98% (Single Isomer)
  • Iso Amyl Alcohol Natural
  • Iso Amyl Butyrate 35%
  • Iso Amyl Butyrate 98% (Singe Isomer)
  • Iso Amyl Caproate 35% (Iso Amyl Hexanoate)
  • Iso Amyl Caproate 98% (Hexanoate, Single Isomer)
  • Iso Amyl Formate 98%
  • Iso Amyl Iso Valerate 98% (Single Isomer)
  • Iso Amyl Propionate 35%
  • Iso Amyl Propionate 98%
  • Iso Bornyl Butyrate
  • Iso Bornyl Iso Butyrate
  • Iso Butyl Acetate
  • Iso Butyl Acetate Natural
  • Iso Butyl Alcohol Natural
  • Iso Butyl Benzoate
  • Iso Butyl Butyrate
  • 2 Methyl Butyl Acetate
  • Methyl Butyl (2) 2 Methyl Butyrate
  • Methyl Octanoate (Methyl Caprylate)
  • Octyl Acetate
  • Octyl Salicylate (2 Ethyl Hexyl Salicylate)
  • Oenanthic Ether
  • Phenoxy Ethyl Iso Butyrate
  • Phenoxy Ethyl Propionate
  • Phenyl Ethyl Acetate
  • Phenyl Ethyl Alcohol
  • Phenyl Ethyl Formate
  • Phenyl Ethyl Iso Butyrate
  • Phenyl Ethyl Iso Valerate
  • Phenyl Ethyl Propionate


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  • Ungerer Facts
    While the company officially began in 1893, its birth was actually much earlier. William P. Ungerer, having spent over twenty years training as a perfumer in France, planted the seed from which Ungerer & Company would flourish.
  • Fragrance & Flavor Facts
    There is a difference between an essential oil and a fragrance. An essential oil is derived from a botanical (fruit, leaf, root, stem, and/or flower) via cold press process or steam distillation. Pure grade essential oils are 100% natural.