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We create emotion.
We appeal to the senses.
Substance, form, content.
Creativity, art, science.
Flair, class, focus.
Drive, passion, dedication.
We like it this way,
as do our clients.

potter2.jpgHow are we able to deliver on this vision?

Over one hundred years after its inception, Ungerer & Company remains a family-owned business. True to the principals upon which it was founded, leadership has passed from one generation to the next. More than a family name ties these generations together. Rather, it has been a lifelong devotion to the art and science and emotion of essential oils and their flavor and fragrance formulations. This devotion was instilled at birth and nurtured over the years.

The common bond among generations of the Ungerer family has also distinguished each family member. It has grown and evolved under the unique and personal touches of each president.

Ungerer remains dedicated to the principals of its founders: creativity, quick response, strict quality assurance and sensitivity to the needs of each client.

The firm's values are summed up in the words you find on the home page of this website: Fulfilling, Faithful, Inspiring, Refined, Striving, Committed, Curious, Capable.


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Ungerer & Company
has established a worldwide presence, represented on every continent. To locate the office for your area, please use the map above.
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  • Ungerer Facts
    While the company officially began in 1893, its birth was actually much earlier. William P. Ungerer, having spent over twenty years training as a perfumer in France, planted the seed from which Ungerer & Company would flourish.
  • Fragrance & Flavor Facts
    There is a difference between an essential oil and a fragrance. An essential oil is derived from a botanical (fruit, leaf, root, stem, and/or flower) via cold press process or steam distillation. Pure grade essential oils are 100% natural.