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value_fulfilling.png Our commitment to excellence is judged by both our customers and by their customers. Every end user carries with them a lifetime of experience with scents and tastes, as well as the most discerning test equipment ever made - their own senses. This is true from the zest of citrus to the sultry allure of musk.

value_faithful.png For over 100 years, we have practiced the highest level of confidentiality in dealing with our clients. They entrust us with their deepest and most successful secrets of business. We treasure this trust and have kept confidences for generations and will continue to do so for generations to come. This is one of our strongest assets.

value_inspiring.png We relish in our clients successes. While it is our place to remain behind the scene, we share their joy with each new innovation or ongoing unique product. The foundation of our business is built on creativity and exploration. But we do this always with our clients in mind. This philosophy has always been our passion.

value_refined.png Many can create the obvious and ordinary. Only a few can take subtlety and nuances and cause them to innovate and do something new and different and special. The balance of art and science, built up within Ungerer & Company over the years, has fostered this kind of refined thinking which brings uncommon results.

value_striving.png We do strive to grow and to improve and to add new talent and new clients. We do not have need of public money, excessive growth or being beholden to outsiders other than our suppliers and clients. We control our destiny and we will continue to do so for all the years to come.

value_curious.pngHow far will we go? We can’t say, because we never stop. Our search for new and unusual ingredients and ideas takes us around the world. This global presence provides us constant exposure to a diverse array of flavors, fragrances and materials. We go where they lead us, then we see where we can take them.

value_capable.png Having dedicated talented people around the world is a key to our success which in turn leads to success for our clients. And beyond this determined, capable staff, we support them with the ultimate in technology. Creativity, technological innovation and service are built into our very DNA.


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Ungerer & Company
has established a worldwide presence, represented on every continent. To locate the office for your area, please use the map above.
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  • Ungerer Facts
    While the company officially began in 1893, its birth was actually much earlier. William P. Ungerer, having spent over twenty years training as a perfumer in France, planted the seed from which Ungerer & Company would flourish.
  • Fragrance & Flavor Facts
    There is a difference between an essential oil and a fragrance. An essential oil is derived from a botanical (fruit, leaf, root, stem, and/or flower) via cold press process or steam distillation. Pure grade essential oils are 100% natural.