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Ungerer U.K. has recently developed new exciting 'on-trend' flavour collections
Nostalgia Collection - This is a romantic collection of flavours and memories, which fits in line with the current trend for nostalgic foods and flavours.  The Nostalgic collection includes concepts such as 'Sweet Shop': which includes Black Jack, Kola Kube, Bubblegum, Soda Cream and Sour Cherry Flavourings ; 'Day at The Beach': which includes Raspberry Sauce, Fudge and Candy Floss Flavourings; and 'Bonfire Night' : which include Molasses, Apple Cider, Pumpkin Pie and Cinder Toffee Flavourings.

Black is back looks at the growing popularity of black coloured foods and ingredients, inspired by Asian cuisine.  The collection includes such flavourings as black cardamom, black sesame seeds, black beans, black olive and dark soy sauce, in the savoury portfolio and black cherry, dandelion & burdock, liquorice and treacle in the sweet portfolio.

Oat Fibaromes, a new range of flavoured oat fibre powders that are imbued with natural flavour that can add both a fruity taste and health benefits to baked goods, dairy, desserts and smoothies. The new launch follows the introduction of fruit fibres as flavour carriers last year, which put to use the fibre by-product of fruit processing. Like the original fruit fibres, the new Oat Fibaromes can be used instead of typical carriers such as maltodextrin and wheatstarch. The Oat Fibaromes range include blueberry, cherry, coffee, pear, pineapple, raspberry, strawberry, and vanilla flavourings.

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